2.85 billion DKK for critical green infrastructure in Ukraine

Published 23-04-2024

A guarantee of 2.85 billion DKK is set to pave the way for Danish wind turbines in Ukraine, ensuring clean power for 500,000 households and a much needed boost for Ukraine’s energy supply.

Since the beginning of the war, Denmark and Danish business have supported the Ukrainian fight for freedom. This has happened both through a series of donations and through investments in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

But Russian attacks continue to hit Ukrainian critical infrastructure and has weakened central and critical energy supply.

Therefore, the government is now stepping in and providing a state guarantee of DKK 2.85 billion DKK, which will help Ukraine with the development of critical infrastructure for energy supply. Overall, the project will have a value of almost DKK 4 billion DKK and will be able to ensure green, safe electricity for 500,000 households in Ukraine.

Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Minister Morten Bødskov:

Putin must not succeed with his assault on Ukraine. It requires significant support for the Ukrainians' struggle for freedom. We know that Putin targeted going to hit critical infrastructure. A stronger one is needed protection. Therefore, Denmark is now ready with DKK 2.85 billion DKK in government guarantee. With that, we help to rebuild and expand Ukraine's critical infrastructure and energy supply and ensure green, safe power for 500,000 households in Ukraine. The reconstruction of Ukraine cannot wait for Putin's horrors to stop. Here, the billion-dollar guarantee plays a decisive role.

The state guarantee is provided through the Ukrainian Fund, which is located in Denmark's Export and Investment Fund (EIFO).



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