Historic growth in Danish shipping registries continues

Published 01-06-2018

Another 11 ships from TORM and NORDEN will fly the Danish flag soon. This builds on the historic milestone when Danish shipping registries recently reached 20 mio. BT. and are the fastest growing registers in the world.

Even though Denmark is not the world’s biggest ship registry, we are now in front when it comes to growth rate over the past year, which means that in just one month, the Danish International Shipping Register has grown from 20 mio. BT to 20,5, and that there is now more than 700 ships registered in DIS.

Minister of Business, Industry and Growth, Brian Mikkelsen:
“It is encouraging to see the Danish flag continuing its’ growth. Our political initiatives are having a positive effect, and we will continue the efforts to reduce administrative burdens, digitalize and improve the framework conditions and overall service for the industry.”

When companies choose the Danish flag as a hub for their activities, it helps to grow the economy, while also providing Denmark with more influence on international maritime policy and regulation, which allows Denmark to continue promotion of safe and green quality shipping.

Contact: Presse Officer Jesper Christiansen, +45 9133 7017, jec@em.dk