New Strategy to make Denmark the New Digital Frontrunner

Published 30-01-2018

With The Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth, the government will create the best foundation for Danish companies to exploit new technologies to generate growth and more wealth for all Danes. All in all, the strategy allocates 1 bn. DKK for initiatives running until 2025.

Denmark must reap the full rewards of the digital transformation. Companies ought to have the best possibilities for utilizing new technologies, and all Danes must have the competencies to successfully commit themselves to the digital future.

To accomplish this, the Danish Government has launched the Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth, consisting of 38 initiatives. The strategy aims at bringing Denmark in the front of the digital development and creating growth and wealth for all Danish people.

The strategy consists of seven main initiatives:

Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen:
“The government wants Denmark as a digital frontrunner, where all Danes get a share of the benefits of digitalization. The new technologies can make us richer as a nation and has the potential to improve our environment, healthcare and lives in many ways. We have to utilize that opportunity, and bring Denmark into the digital future.”

Minister of Education, Merete Riisager:
“We should not only be users of technology. We must also be those, who form it. It requires that we prepare students for a more technological society. We will establish a Center for the Use of IT in the teaching at the business educations and test how we in the best way make computational thinking a part of students’ school-day. The aim is not that everyone should be IT-developers in the future, but that all children get to dip their toes and get a primary understanding of technology as components of our society.” 

Minister of Higher Education and Science, Søren Pind:
“Digital technologies present new opportunities. Big Data and artificial intelligence can be used in many ways both in new products, in the health system or in companies’ production. That is why we need to make sure the Danish people grasp the opportunities, technology brings. We need to educate more in IT and technology and strengthen our research in digital technologies. It will strengthen our competitive position globally and bring more prosperity.”

With the strategy the Danish Government will also host an annual digital summit, where businesses, organizations etc. focus on the digital transformation.

Strategy for Denmark’s Digital Growth is based on recommendations from the Digital Growth Panel from May 2017 and the Danish Government’s Disruption Committee.

The strategy allocates 1 billion DKK for initiatives running to 2025, according to a political agreement with the Danish People’s Party and the Danish Social-Liberal Party to strengthen Danish Businesses. The deposited allocation should be seen as seed capital as there also will be private funding for several of the initiatives.

See the strategy here

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