New political agreement will strengthen Danish businesses

Published 13-11-2017

Close to 15 billion DKK will be allocated towards 2025 to strengthen Denmark’s position as a global maritime hub and make Danish businesses more internationally competitive.

The Danish Government has landed a political agreement with the Danish People’s Party and the Danish Social-Liberal Party. 14,7 billion DKK will be allocated to strengthen Danish businesses through a range of initiatives that will increase investments, strengthen the focus on digitalization and life science and expand the tax scheme for foreign researchers.  Also taxes will be lowered on items sensitive to trade across borders such as beer, soft drinks, tea and nuts.

Brian Mikkelsen, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs:

“This agreement is an investment in the future. We are paving the way for more entrepreneurs to become successful and more Danish businesses to grow big and become more internationally competitive.”

One of the industries benefitting from the new agreement is the Danish maritime cluster as the agreement includes several initiatives that will help making Denmark a global maritime hub.

For example the registration fee for registration of merchant ships will be abolished in order to attract more global maritime companies and investments and hereby further Denmark’s position as an attractive flag state. Also the DIS tax scheme will be extended to include seamen working onboard special vessels such as security and supply ships, construction vessels, ice-handling vessels, ASVs etc. 

Press contact:

René Gyldensten,, (+45) 91 33 70 15.