Danish Maritime Days set to unleash the potential of the maritime industry

Published 06-10-2014

The Danish government and the Danish maritime industry have in close collaboration taken initiative to launch a new international maritime event, Danish Maritime Days. The purpose is to gather key stakeholders in order to discuss how to unleash the potential of the global maritime industry.

The main event will be Danish Maritime Forum held on 8-9 October, which will gather around 200 key leaders from the maritime industry in-cluding government representatives from Europa, Asia and Africa as well as leading CEOs and experts from the global maritime sector. Here indus-try leaders get the opportunity to discuss and address future challenges of the industry and to produce tangible outcomes. The forum will be opened by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and the Minister of Busi-ness and Growth Henrik Sass Larsen.

Minister for Business and Growth Henrik Sass Larsen:

”The maritime industry faces challenges in coming years. Thus, Danish Maritime Days gives key stakeholders a unique change to come up with ideas on how to unleash the potential of the industry.“

”Denmark is a leading maritime nation and has been so for centuries. It is therefore only natural that the industry is one of the country’s strongest commercial strengths. On behalf of the Danish government, I welcome international partners and encourage visitors to get to know the companies and people that make the Danish Maritime Cluster so special.“

For more information: www.danishmaritimedays.com