Danish crew receives Bravery Award

Published 19-11-2014

The crew from the DFDS ship BRITANNIA SEAWAYS receives this year’s “Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea”. The award is presented by United Nations’ International Maritime Organization (IMO) for exceptional bravery displayed at sea.

The crew of BRITANNIA SEAWAYS receives the IMO “Bravery Award” for the professional and courageous actions taken when a fire erupted on board the ship on 16 November 2013. The ship was en route along the Norwegian coast when a severe fire broke out, causing explosions and flames 30 metres high. Thanks to the professional actions taken by the Captain and the crew, the fire was, however, extinguished and the situation was handled so professionally that none of the 32 persons on board were injured and pollution was prevented.

Minister for Business and Growth Henrik Sass Larsen:

”I warmly congratulate Captain Andreas Kristensen and the entire crew on board BRITANNIA SEAWAYS on the distinguished award that they will be receiving today. It is a significant recognition and proof that the crew have displayed brilliant seamanship and exceptional courage. Captain Andreas Kristensen receives the award on behalf of the entire crew at a ceremony held at the IMO headquarters in London. Secretary General of the IMO Koji Sekimizu presents the award, and the Danish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Claus Grube and Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Nordseth attends the award ceremony. This is the first time that the crew of a Danish ship receives the award.“


”The IMO Bravery Award has been instituted as a unique, international recognition of exceptional bravery displayed at sea to save others’ lives or to prevent harm to the marine environment.“

”The award was presented for the first time in 2007 and is given on the basis of nominations made by the member States or interest organisations. This year, the IMO had received 35 nominations for the award.“